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Jiang, F., Y. Wu, and A. K. Katsaggelos, "A dynamic hierarchical clustering method for trajectory-based unusual video event detection", IEEE Trans. Image Process., vol. 18, pp. 907-913, April 2009. paper.pdf (1.03 MB)
Luessi, M., and A. K. Katsaggelos, "Efficient Motion Compensated Frame Rate Upconversion Using Multiple Interpolations and Median Filtering", IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), 07/11/2009. paper.pdf (134.93 KB)
Gao, L., Z. Li, and A. K. Katsaggelos, "An Efficient Video Indexing and Retrieval Algorithm using the Luminance Field Trajectory Modeling", IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, vol. 19, pp. 1566-1570, Oct. 2009. paper.pdf (352.79 KB)
Babacan, S. D., R. Molina, and A. K. Katsaggelos, "Fast Bayesian Compressive Sensing using Laplace Priors", IEEE International Conf. on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP’09), 19/04/2009. paper.pdf (173.11 KB)
Luessi, M., M. Eichmann, G. M. Schuster, and A. K. Katsaggelos, "Framework for Efficient Optimal Multilevel Image Thresholding", Journal of Electronic Imaging, vol. 18, 01/2009. paper.pdf (324.5 KB)
Mancera, L., S. D. Babacan, R. Molina, and A. K. Katsaggelos, "Image restoration by mixture modelling of an overcomplete linear representation", IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, 07/11/2009. paper.pdf (216.43 KB)
Katsaggelos, A. K., S. D. Babacan, C. J. Tsai, and C-J. Tsai, "Iterative Image Restoration", The Essential Guide to Image Processing, 2009.
Vega, M., R. Molina, and A. K. Katsaggelos, "L1 Prior Majorization in Bayesian Image Restoration", 16th Int. Conf. on Signal Processing, 05/07/2009. paper.pdf (197.7 KB)
Aleksic, P. S., and A. K. Katsaggelos, "Lip Feature Extraction and Feature Evaluation in the Context of Speech and Speaker Recognition", Visual Speech Recognition: Lip Segmentation and Mapping: Hershey, PA, IGI Global, 2009. paper.pdf (3.81 MB)
Belekos, S., N. Galatsanos, D. S. Babacan, and A. K. Katsaggelos, "Maximum a posteriori Super-Resolution of compressed video using a new multichannel image prior", IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, 07/11/2009. paper.pdf (191.69 KB)
Li, Z., Y. Fu, J. Yuan, Y. Wu, A. K. Katsaggelos, and T. S. Huang, "Multimedia Data Indexing,", Semantic Mining Technologies for Multimedia Databases, pp. 449-475, 2009. paper.pdf (3.73 MB)
Babacan, S. D., L. Mancera, R. Molina, and A. K. Katsaggelos, "Non-Convex Priors in Bayesian Compressive Sensing", EUSIPCO, 24/08/2009. paper.pdf (397.42 KB)
Maani, E., and A. K. Katsaggelos, "Optimized Bit Extraction Using Distortion Modeling in the Scalable Extension of H.264/AVC", IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, vol. 18, pp. 2022-2029, 09/2009. paper.pdf (197.7 KB)
Wu, D., C. Song, H. Luo, H. Wang, and A. K. Katsaggelos, "A Quality-Driven Decision Engine for Live Video Transmission under Service-Oriented Architecture", IEEE Wireless Communications, vol. 16, pp. 48-54, 08/2009. paper.pdf (1.07 MB)
Tsaftaris, S. A., and A. K. Katsaggelos, "Retrieval Efficiency of DNA-Based Databases of Digital Signals", IEEE Trans. NanoBioscience, 2009. paper.pdf (798.28 KB)
Maani, E., P. V. Pahalawatta, R. Berry, and A. K. Katsaggelos, "Scalable video coding and packet scheduling for multiuser video transmission over wireless networks", SPIE Optics+Photonics, 2/7/2009. paper.pdf (336.68 KB)
Dai, S., M. Han, W. Xu, Y. Wu, Y. Gong, and A. K. Katsaggelos, "Soft Edge Smoothness Prior for Alpha Channel Super Resolution", IEEE Trans. Image Processing, vol. 18, pp. 969-981, 05/2009. paper.pdf (2.41 MB)
Vega, M., J. Mateos, R. Molina, and A. K. Katsaggelos, "Super-Resolution of Multispectral Images", The Computer Journal, vol. 52, pp. 153-167, Jan. 2009. paper.pdf (642.87 KB)
Maani, E., and A. K. Katsaggelos, "Two-Dimentional Channel Coding for Scalable H.264/AVC Video", Picture Coding Symposium, 15/05/2009. paper.pdf (207.86 KB)
Babacan, S. D., R. Molina, and A. K. Katsaggelos, "Variational Bayesian Blind Deconvolution Using a Total Variation Prior", IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, vol. 18, pp. 12 - 26, 01/2009. paper.pdf (5.43 MB)