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Carlos and Chun-Jen in San Diego

To retrieve information from the enormous mass of today's multimedia data, users require tools that automatically understand and manipulate the image/video content in the same structured way as a traditional database manages numeric and textual data. This problem is both important and challenging.
Many multimedia communication applications require transporting of compressed video data over lossy channels that can exhibit wide variability in throughput, delay, and packet loss. Providing acceptable video quality in such environments is a demanding task for both the video encoder/decoder as well as the communication and networking infrastructure.
Image and Video Recovery are the problems of uncovering with digital signal processing approaches the information lost due a number of reasons in the acquisition process. Typical applications are blur removal, denoising, increasing the resolution (super resolution).
Image and Video Analysis aims to extract semantics from digital images and video streams, such as object detection/tracking, multimedia information search/summarization, intelligent surveillance and remote monitoring.


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