2D& 3D Segmentation of Nuclei From Developing Fly Eyes

A major goal of modern medicine is to develop stem cell based therapies for replacing or healing diseased and damaged tissues. When a stem cell turns into skin, heart, nerve or other cell type during normal development, it follows hard-wired genetic instruction manuals that dictate the exact patterns and levels at which different genes are turned on and off.

We are developing an automated, accurate, fast and user-friendly computer software that can take a series of hundreds of microscope images of a developing organ, identify each individual cell, and then measure a variety of features such as shape, position relative to other cells, and gene expression levels. This will enable biologists to study into these events above in an efficient way that was never possible before.

To accomplish the goals above, we developed our segmentation algorithms for both 2D and 3D microscopy images and achieved satisfactory results for our collaborators:the Amaral Lab and the Carthew Lab.